Leave it to the Swedish! by da-AL

Producer’s description: A documentary about Kristina Paltén, a lone Swedish woman, who wanted to challange her own and other’s prejudices against islam by running across Iran.

When I visited Iran in 2006, I was more nervous about what craziness our former President Bush might get up to than I was by the unstintingly genial Iranians I met. Outside of America, citizens tend to be savvier than we are about separating people from their governments.

As you view this, note that in Iran, Ms. Paltén’s ‘thumbs up’ is equivalent to our ‘middle finger,’ yet everyone she met appreciated that she meant no offense. Iran gets few tourists yet Iranians love guests, which I’m sure made passersby all the happier to receive her.

In addition, its interesting how people in the smallest of Iranian towns, have taken the effort to learn English, American at that.

Click here for the producer’s FaceBook page and info on when the completed film will be distributed.

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