My dogs would rather play than eat, sleep, or even cuddle by da-AL

Open mouthed glee is infectious.

My youngest black dog clearly laughs with joy at being tickled by a new playmate. I can’t help but laugh along whenever I look at this photo.

If you were a dog, but had opposable thumbs, what kind of social media would you use?

30 thoughts on “My dogs would rather play than eat, sleep, or even cuddle by da-AL

    • Ever since I got them, I am partial to black dogs, as well as anything that has labrador mixed in. People tend to be afraid of black animals, which is as silly as preconceptions based on skin color. In keeping with happiness & animal love, would love to repost your Meet My Mbee on my blog if you wouldn’t mind.

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      • Yeah I don’t understand why people are reluctant to adopt black pets.Recently I was surprised when a classmate of mine at college simply blamed a black cat which crossed his path for all his misfortunes of that particular day.It was so absurd and stupid.A black cat is as normal as any other cat I told him.But he simply didnt listen to me. Strange are people and their ways sometimes.They easily believe all those superstitions that are around.

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          • yeah :/ I think black animals are the cutest ! and most beautiful ! I love Wild crows.I love to look at buffaloes who look ‘charming ‘with their shiny coats and curved horns. And of course dogs !^_^

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            • Here in Los Angeles, we are sorely lacking of opportunities to admire buffaloes, black or otherwise. Plenty of crows, tho. I love how shiny my dogs are after I wash them. Despite their lab ancestry, however, they hate water. For my sake, they put up with baths every month or 2.

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              • ohh I c..Btw you have Ravens there don’t you?I always wanted to see one.We have only wild crows and normal house crows here .I always wanted to see a Raven,especially after I read Poe’s”The Raven”. 😀 Even my dogs are the same.They hate water too.They hide under the beds when my grandfather calls them for bath 😀 hhaha

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                • 🙂 maybe they think smelling clean feels dirty? crow vs raven? I can’t speak for all my fellow country people. As for me, an woefully innocent of anything outside of menial bugs & everyday house pets. Wallowing in ignorance, I assume any big black bird with thick legs is a crow & that all are ‘wild,’ including pigeons, insofar as they aren’t caged. When I visited Tower of London, saw ravens, which to me fall under ‘very large crows.’ Would love to read a blog on distinctions &/or about common city wildlife where you live, or anything of that sort!

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  1. oh my gosh, beautiful pictures. I used to have a black lab. I read something about how black animals are the least adopted! how weird, they are gorgeous. Those black cats are good luck, I would say.
    I would rather play that do anything else, absolutely!

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    • Yes, its a shame that people are afraid of black animals. Hopefully things are changing. And yes, playing is essential! Thanks for the compliment!


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