Deciding to Blog by da-AL


Proposed cover
Proposed cover for my new book.

Curious about blogging or already a blogger? Lean over my shoulder as I learn how.

After I finished writing “Flamenco & the Sitting Cat,” a general fiction novel, I queried a slew of literary agents and publishing companies. 80 queries later, I’ve found that its true: finding an agent ain’t easy.

Fortunately, self-publishing doesn’t require an agent. It does, however, involve figuring out how to promote my work. I remain open to signing with an agent, but until one knocks on my door, this blog is my exploration into how best to let people know about my writing. How exciting!

My Experiences with Blogging to Date

Update on Blogging

More Blogging Adventures (plus Groucho cameo)

9 thoughts on “Deciding to Blog by da-AL

  1. I’m not an author myself, just a blogger. However, I do know of a number of bloggers who who have published books of one sort or another, such as Carrie Rubin over at “The Write Transition” blog. Also, the “Chris the Story-Reading Ape” website usually has lots of tips and links for independent authors. If you’re interested, the links are below. Good luck with getting published. I hope you succeed. 🙂


  2. I am going to get a book by Self published Indian author today (most probably) and I can’t wait to read it. I think self publishing is fine too. It took the author two years to get his book into printed version but his books have been in top amazon sellers for long. Trust in your work and get it published yourself dear 🙂 we readers want to read amazing books by people like us. 🙂 It feels great to read. All the best for your book, may you break records. 🙂

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